32 rue de la Bienfaisance
75008 Paris - France

Tel : +331 45 62 45 54
Fax : +331 42 25 80 07


Thieffry & Associes is an independent law firm founded in 1977 which advises its clients and assists them in litigation, arbitration and corporate and regulatory matters in areas in connection with the business dimension and economic policies, including with an international aspect and oftentimes on the borders between public law and private law.

Structured around a small group of lawyers whose experiences are diverse and whose skills are complementary, Thieffry & Associes is capable to mobilize promptly the best suitable team for a given mission.

Thieffry & Associes’ clients are large as well as small entities, governmental as well as private, which appreciate the firm’s analytical thoroughness, its reactivity and its notion of the lawyers’ role which tolerates no compromise. The firm's quality approach is oriented towards the analysis and satisfaction of the clients’ needs, providing them with an itemized, transparent and regular reporting on the services and costs.